Movie poster featuring colorful drawings of Jesus and a photograph of another messiah

The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah

Brian thinks he is a messiah. Not the messiah, mind you. Just a local, regionally-selected messiah for his own hometown.

The film depicts his quest to determine his God-given 'special purpose in life’ and to announce that special purpose to his people. He’s decided to do this at a town-wide rally. Now all he has to do is raise enough money to rent out the town civic center. That’s proving to be a difficult task for a modern-day would-be American messiah. From soul-cleansing car washes to specialized home blessings, Brian is willing and able to do whatever he needs to do to raise that money.

Brian is joined on his quest by his two younger siblings. Aaron, his brother, worships the ground Brian walks on — not like you would worship a messiah, but rather like you would worship an abusive older brother. And Miriam, their sister… well, Miriam is just trying to keep her family intact.

Starring: Dustin Olson, Joseph Frost, Ellen Dolan

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